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Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care


Nine Truths About Eating Disorders


Nine More Truths About Eating Disorders: Weight & Weight Stigma

Nine More Truths About Eating Disorders - Weight

Nine More Truths About Eating Disorders: Weight & Weight Stigma

Insurance Tips - Clinicians US

DSM 5 - Feeding and Eating Disorders


World Eating Disorder Healthcare Rights


Correct Language for Eating Disorders


International Journal of Eating Disorders

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Research-Practice Guidelines


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  • Dear AED members, One of the perks of belonging to AED is the access to free educational webinars on a range of topics relevant to our field, as well as the ability to earn free CE/CME credits for viewing these webinars.   As our Educational Programming ...

  • Patricia, I had a case that was so similar! So, so hard! In my case, the mother was also on the outside. She wrote letters and called the child's school but I do not think she had positive results. The child was also much older. Does mother have medical ...

  • Hi Fellow Members, I see a mother of a 16 year old male anorexia patient.  While I usually am the primary ED therapist, in this case, I am only the mom's therapist.  Her only dx stems from parenting a son with AN.  Parents are divorced, and highly conflictual, ...

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